Insurance Young Guns

The Insurance Young Guns

The Insurance Young Guns (IYG) has become a buzzword within the insurance industry over the last year, with a growing base of energetic members that drive the organisation forward. But what is this movement, you may ask? Where did it come from?

In short, the movement was born of a realisation that there was no tangible platform for young, ambitious talent in the South African insurance industry to meet and network, furthering their personal connections and sharing their knowledge. While other organisations exist in the market to cater for these goals, the IYG stands alone as a youth-focused movement. A movement which, in its short year of existence, has already proven to foster relationships between competing insurers and brokerages, encouraging a free-flow of knowledge and expertise.


Cultural bragging

The concept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder has a certain reverence in art. Now try putting a price on it.

Countless artists, whose works today command million dollar price tags, died incognito because their artistic interpretation differed from that of the society in which they lived.


Is it me you’re looking for?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t unsheathe the double-edged sword that is insurtech, but it may be your client relations that suffer for it.

Have you ever considered the damage done to broker client relations by the introduction of email in the early ‘90s? Or the telephone in decades preceding that?

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Aon and chubb event

On 24th November 2016, the first Insurance Young Guns event concept took place. Hosted by Aon and Chubb at Aon offices in Sandton, the evening proved to a great opportunity to engage with peers, both on some interesting topics and for networking purposes.


AIG event

Responding to an industry need to develop talent for the future, AIG and AON in South Africa joined forces in 2016 to launch ‘Insurance Young Guns’. The forum’s success is evident from the growing interest in its activities, with eight insurance companies and one brokerage firm currently participating.

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SHA event

The third Insurance Young Guns (IYG) event was hosted and sponsored by SHA on 25 of May 2017. The event took place at HintHunt in Illovo, Johannesburg, with a total of 30 participants.


itoo event

On the 24 August 2017, iToo welcomed 50 industry professionals to the Music Room at Hollard’s campus in Parktown, Johannesburg.

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become an iyg member

We have received many applications for membership via our website and want to thank all of you for your interest. You will be receiving an invite to register for the 2018 IYG year at the beginning of December!

Looking forward to meeting you.

IYG Council – Tashniva, Verity, Lien, Roxanne, Ethan & Riccardo.

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